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nF사의 BP시리즈 바이폴라 파워서플라이는  오랫동안 자동차전장품의 필수 테스트장비로 선정되어 인기를 누려왔습니다.

최근에는 대용량 BP시리즈가 출시되어 대용량캐페시터 시험 및 전기차용 부품시험 등에서 큰 호응을 얻고 있습니다.

Bipolar DC Power Supply with Built-in Sequential Signal Source




Sequence Function for Fully Programmable Output Pattern Bipolar Output Good for Inductive and Capacitive Loads !!s
As a power supply for testing vehicle electrical and electronic components/motor/solenoid/large capacitors and as electronic load for testing power supplies / batteries..... Can be used for various applications.
ball Wide range voltage output ±60V (possible to shit the range)
ball 10 Models, ±10A to ±100A
ball High speed, DC to 150kHz (CV, Adjusted)
ball Up to 255 Steps sequence function
ball DC, sine wave , square wave, and arbitrary wave
ball Two mode selectable, Constant voltage / Constant current
ball Response calibration function
ball Voltage / Current Limiter, measurement function
ball USB / External control IO
ball Analog input as power amplifier
ball Control software bundled (data logging, Sequence / Arbitrary waveform edit)


Wide Range Output Area Voltage / Current 4 Quadrants Operation
BP series can output in four quadrants and is capable of handling two directions of current, which are source (supply) and sink (absorption) current.
From devices that generate back electromotive force such as solenoids, capacitive load such as electrolytic capacitor, and even to piezoelectric material charged with electromotive force and power sources and batteries such as fuel cells, you can drive the devices and systems that cannot be driven with generic DC power supply.

Wide range

Depending on the limiter setting, the output range can be shifted to - 5 V to + 115 V and -115 V to + 5 V (Output current range changes)

High Voltage / Large Current / Wide Range, Constant Current Operation
Output voltage is + / - 60 V covering the range required in testing vehicle electrical components. Also BP series have high current necessary for large parts, high speed required in driving actuators, and constant current operation effective in driving low impedance solenoids.
With such enriched specification satisfying all such requirements, BP series responds to the needs in development and test of devices.
With the lineup from + / -10 A to + / -100 A, BP will respond a variety of application.

Function Brings Usability and Efficiency
Sequence Function
BP series has a built-in sequential signal source. For example, by programming a series of voltage change pattern used in voltage fluctuation test on electrical and electronic components, the test can be done in a single operation since the output changes in order according to the procedure.

Number of sequences : 1 sequence for each of the CV mode and CC mode
Number of steps : 1 to 255 (within 1 sequence)
Step time : 0.1 ms to 999.9999s (resolution 0.1 ms)
Parameters : DC voltage, superimposed AC voltage, frequency and
Jump count : 1 to 999, or continuous
Sequence control : Start, Stops, Hold, Branch

Various Output Patterns Using Sequence Functions

Relay operation test

Ex.1 Relay Operation Test (Withstand Power Supply Fluctuation Test)

Relay operation test

Ex.2 Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Components Test
       (ISO / DIS7637-2.2 Pulse 4)
       (Simulation of Transient Voltage Drops at Startup)

The dedicated software allows user to edit the complicated pattern easily

In addition to set at the hardware, The application software is available to edit the sequence pattern. This software will included in bundled set.



Response Calibration Function
Transient response for load with complicated impedance characteristic such as electromagnetic components with inductance (coil component) or capacitance (capacitor component) differs among loads. BP series has a response calibration function that allows users to individually optimize transient response characteristic in square wave output or sudden output change.



Voltage Limiter / Current Limiter
BP series have the capability to set each of the maximum voltage and current with + and - independently.
When shifting the output voltage range, output voltage limiter is used.

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Additional Functions

Voltage / Current output monitor
Measurement function
To measure and display the output voltage / current (DC value and p-p value)
Output on / off function
External signal input useful for the oscillator and the recorded signal
External control I / O (output on / off, sequence control and others)
USB interface
Store / Recall memories (30 sets)

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Control Software

The software is bundled that allow user to set the basic parameters, to collect the data, to edit the sequence / the arbitrary waveform and to control the sequence. This will support the data analysis and automate of production line.


Remote control


Sequence edit


Arbitrary waveform edit


Data logging


다양한 어플리케이션에 적용되어, 독보적인 성능을 제공하고 있습니다.

1. As an ISO 16750-2:2006 standard compliance test equipment

Using BP series with multi function generator WF1973/WF1974, You can conduct an ISO 16750-2:2006 standard compliance test.
You can program much more complicated fluctuation pattern with higher WF sequence capability.



2. For power supply voltage fluctuation test on 12V/24V/ 42V vehicle electrical and electronic components

With BP series, you can perform power supply voltage fluctuation test on various vehicle electrical and electronic components. You can program a certain pattern in advance using the sequence function of the power supply. The power supply handles the test on 42V components let alone 12V/24V components.

3. As a constant current power supply for generating magnetic field

In electromagnetic field test, constant current needs to be supplied to the coil for stable generation of constant magnetic field. BP series can output constant current (CC) to keep the current running through the coil constant and generate stable magnetic field.

4. As a constant current power supply for capacitor ripple test

Using this power supply, you can perform ripple test on the units using capacitor(s) such as inverters. The constant current (CC) of BP series allows you to perform test with stable operation. You can also program output patterns using the sequence function.

5. As a constant current power supply for plating

The power supply can be used as a constant current power supply for plating various electronic materials. Using the constant current (CC) output of BP series, you can always supply constant and stable current. You can also program output patterns using the sequence function.