Total. 8
Programmable DC Power Supply
Output power 5kW ~ 18kW total 32 models 80V to 1950V output
All Wide Range (Autorange) CV, CC, CP, CR mode output
최대 100대 병렬연결로 용량 증설 가능 18bit DAC for Setting and 24bit ADC forMeasurement
5" touch screen 3U size
High Voltage Generator
DC 300V to 200kV Power 300W to 3kW
(Opt.)Reversibility and floating outputs (Opt.)Arc detection and counting
(Opt.)RS232, GPIB, Ethernet and Profibus interfaces (Opt.)10ms settling time
(Opt.)OEM Design on request
Chroma 62000P Programmable DC Power
Voltage : 0V ~ 600V Current : 0A ~ 120A
Power : 600W ... 5000W Master Slave Control
Auto Sequencing Programming
Chroma 62000H-S Solar Array Simulator
Voltage : 0V ~ 150V ... 1000V Power : 15kW ... 1.5MW
I-V Curve simulation MPPT efficiency test
Real time analysis PV inverter MPPT tracking Build in MPPT test profile EN50530, Sandia CGC/GF004 , NB/T 32004
HMP4030/HMP4040 3/4 Ch. DC Power
HMP4030 - 3Ch. x 0~32V/10A max384W HMP4040 - 4Ch. x 0~32V/10A max 384W
RS-232, USB, Ethernet, GPIB(IEEE-488) Operating Software
XG Series
- 최대출력 용량 : 1.7KW , 1.5KW , 850W - 정전압, 정전류, 정전력 작동
- 전면,후면 의 출력단   - OVP , OTP 지원
- USB2.0 , RS-232 , RS-485 지원 / 1U Half Rack
XFR Serise
- 최대출력 용량 : 2.8KW - 출력전압 : 7.5V ~ 600V 
- 출력전류 :  4A ~ 300A - 정전압, 정전류, 정전력 작동
- Analog programming 기본 - OVP , OTP 지원
EX Series
- 최대출력 용량 : 2.5KW , 5KW , 10KW - 4-Digit Display Resolution 
- Memory Store & Recall 기능 제공(10개 저장 가능) - OVP , OCP 지원
- RS-232C, RS485, USB 통신 기본제공